I used the Algorand and Purestake JavaScript api to build a new project. Check out the working app: https://algorand-client.herokuapp.com. Here is what I learned along the way.


  1. Example app
  2. Github repo
  3. Installation and how it works
  4. Algorand JavaScrip SDK and the Purestake Algorand SDK



Algorand is a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol. You can build smart contracts with Algorand given its virtual machine. I chose to use Algorand because of the low cost and high speed compared to Ethereum.

Blockchain integration

Blockchain development can be daunting as you may need to run your own network node or learn a new programming language. Not with…

I had some trouble deploying my NestJS/Postgres server to Heroku. To save anyone else (and possibly my future self) the headache, here are the steps. Repo here for reference/cloning.


  1. Heroku account
  2. Heroku cli installed
  3. Repo running locally. (You can clone my example repo here)
  4. Local repo linked to local postgres db (not essential for the deploy but def recommended)


1. Create your app in heroku

In your app’s root directory create the heroku app with heroku create <app-name>. Your app should now exist in heroku. Login to check.

2. Deploy your app

Heroku has a couple deployment options. You’ll most likely want to use the connect to GitHub option. Your…

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